CCM Showcase FAQ

When does online registration open for the 2024 CCM Hockey Showcase?

Registration for the 2024 CCM Hockey Showcase will open in early November, 2023.

How do I register for the CCM Hockey Showcase?

Online registration is available by clicking the Register Now button in the upper right corner of this website, or by clicking through to our registration services platform, CampVine here.



What birth years are eligible for the CCM Hockey Showcase?

The following birth years are eligible for the 2024 CCM Hockey Showcase.

  • Tenders Group: Birth years 2004-2007
  • Futures Group: Birth years 2008-2009

What age groups and skill levels are appropriate for the Showcase?

The CCM Hockey Showcase is for current year Bantam-Midget AA/AAA and Junior A/B players only.

Am I automatically Accepted into the Showcase?

No. After registering, the information you submitted in your online application will be vetted to ensure you are currently playing at the appropriate level and qualify per our requirements prior to being accepted. Once your information is vetted you will either be Accepted, or added to the Waitlist, at which time you will receive email notification of your status.

* Please do not make travel or hotel reservations until you receive your formal "Acceptance Email" into the Showcase.

How long does it take until I know if I have been Accepted?

Depending on the team and league, and any potential backlogs of registrations,  it can take up to 2-3 weeks to complete the vetting process in full. You will receive an email one way or the other once the process is complete.

How do Goaltenders Register?

Goaltenders may apply online any time up to and until 12:00 midnight on Monday, February 19, 2024 at which time the goaltender registration process will be closed for the year. Starting that week, the top goaltenders will be selected from the pool of submitted applicants based solely on qualifications.

Selected goaltenders will then be notified via email the week of March 11 regarding their selection.  Due to registration totals and allotted goaltender spots per team, we will unfortunately not be able to accept everyone, so for those goaltenders who are not accepted at that time, you be added to our waitlist pending any open roster spots due to cancellations, non-acceptance, or injuries. In this event, the next waitlisted goaltender will be offered that spot based on the same criteria.

Credit cards will not be charged until a player is accepted.

When is the Goaltender Registration deadline?

Goaltenders may apply online any time up to and until 12:00 midnight on Monday, February 19, 2024.

Will I get a Participant Packet after I register and am Accepted?

Yes, one will be emailed to you around May 1. In it you will find multiple pages of info directly related to the CCM Hockey Showcase. Including: check-in times, daily schedules, team assignments, general showcase and location info, staff bios, staff contact numbers, emergency contact numbers, and a consent to treat form.

What if I register after May 1?

The Participant Packet will be emailed at time of registration.

When will we be notified of our team assignments?

Team assignments will be sent out on Friday, May 17, 2024 via email.

Is the daily schedule online?

The CCM Hockey Showcase daily schedule will be posted and available in the Forms Library page inside your secure CampVine My Account on or by May 1.

What kind of coaches can we expect for this program?

The CCM Hockey Showcase will be scouted by current NCAA D1 and D3, Junior A (Tier I, II and III), Junior B, National AAA, and National and International Prep School coaches & scouts.

What time is registration/check-in?

Check in will be held in the mezzanine overlooking the Blue/middle rink at the Ice Centre at the Promenade from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Friday, May 24, 2024.

What do I need for registration/check-in??

You need to have completed and returned the Health Form/Liability Waiver, and be paid in full before your player can participate in any daily activities.

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