Age Groups

Eligible Players:

The 2020 CCM Hockey Showcase is for 2000-2005 Birth Year AA, AAA and Junior A/B players. All players will be required to register online with pertinent player information. After registering, every single player will be vetted to ensure they are currently playing at the appropriate level prior to being accepted to the event.

Please do not make travel or hotel reservations until you receive an emailed acceptance into the program.

Age Groups

All players will be able to register for one of the following two groups:

  • Tender Group: Birth years 2000-2003 
  • Futures Group: Birth years 2004-2005

Goaltender Registration Process:

Goaltenders may submit the online application but are not automatically accepted into the Showcase. All goalies must register by Sunday, February 16, 2020, at which time the top goaltenders will be selected from the pool of applicants based solely on qualifications.

The selected goaltenders will then be notified the week of March 9 regarding their selection. Due to registration totals and allotted goaltender spots per team, we will unfortunately not be able to accept everyone, so for those goaltenders who are not accepted at that time, you be added to our waitlist pending any open roster spots due to cancellations, non-acceptance, or injuries. In this event, the next waitlisted goaltender will be offered that spot based on the same criteria. Credit cards will not be charged until a player is accepted.

For more details, or to Register Online for your specific age group, please click one of the Age Group links below: